Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just a couple of quick updates :)

Hi ladies

I only need 3 more subbies to my 300th giveaway!.. So if you know anyone, please steer them my way.. :)
I am on Facebook I am doing the Pay it forward challenge but I only have two signed up, how sad is that! LOL So if you can go to my FB and see that post and sign up, I will make you something very special and made just for YOU.. I only need 3 more people. Thanks in advance

FYI: I am adding my entire inventory to my ETSY acct instead of through the blog..Just until I have the website up... Its too hard this way.. k

I will post a lot more this weekend. I hope everyone is having an amazing week! 
Take care, xo Tori


  1. you know i was trying to look it up but i cant find it

  2. Oh No!.. I tried to email you thru your blog..but I can't find your addy anywhere... I will add you if you tell me your addy or your FB name!