Sunday, January 16, 2011

Update 1/16/11

I just wanted to say, Thank you for all of your support, and comments. I read each and every one of them. I don't know how to respond to them, so that is way I haven't I will try to figure that out tonight.. I wanted to wish ALL of you, Good luck on the Gypsy drawing and hope that you will continue to follow my blog. Thanks to you, I now have 93 new followers! I hope you'll stay after the contest is over. I have so many great things in store for you. Thank you everyone! I will be adding a lot more content soon. There is something going on in my life right now that is very upsetting and I haven't been in the creative mood to say the least. But, it will resolve and life will return to normal and I will be back and better than ever before.

I pray for your continued support and I appreciate each and every one of you!
Hugs, Tori


  1. I know how it feels to not have the mojo to create due to a peronal matter. Just know that we are here for you and support you. I hope everything works out for you. BIG HUG
    ()__(-o.o)__() <-- my big hug :)

  2. Yuveria, Thank you so much for your support.. I really need it right now.. Thank you so much for your friendship! I tried to email you but I can't find your email on your blog!.. are you on FB??

  3. Hey Tori! Keep your head up and smile! :) Hugs!

  4. im on FB giselle montes i just became ur friend :)

  5. Hope you find your mojo soon do amazing work. However I know how hard it is to get back into the swing of things....hang in there Tori...we are all here for you!! {{{hugs}}} Kim