Saturday, January 22, 2011

My new dress form

While in Reno, my hubby took me to Ross to get some pants so we could stay an extra night. I walked into Ross and instantly fell in love.. right before me was the prettiest dress form I ever seen! I ran to her and actually hugged her and said " oh honey, I have to have her! He threw her in the basket and the rest is history. Isn't she gorgeous??!! Check out your local Ross ladies. I found her and one other one!


  1. Hi lovely
    OMG now thats the kind of hubby we all need. lol what an angel he is. Awww and you so deserve it girl.
    Hugs you big time.

  2. I must have been under a Rock! LOL You can tell I haven't been on my blog, cause I had no idea you had posted on here! Well, I am back and I will promise to everyone, I am staying and have intentions on leaving! Love you!!!